The Stewardship of Treasure is an expression of gratitude for the monetary blessings we have received. There are two ways to make a financial contribution to our parish each week.

Automatic Contributions

With automatic contribution, regular stewardship donations are made directly to the parish through electronic funds transfers (EFT).  EFT allows your donation to be automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account and transferred to the parish’s bank account.  You have the option of having your donations deducted from your bank account weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and you can select the date of the withdrawal that works best for your household budget.  With EFT you never have to worry about forgetting your monthly envelope and it gives you an easy way to fulfill your stewardship commitments even if you are unable to attend church.  Automatic Weekly Contributions also saves the parish money because it eliminates administrative fees, simplifies record keeping and provides consistent revenue for the parish.  
If you would like to enroll in Automatic Contributions, please CLICK HERE to access our online Automatic Contributions Form.

Offertory Envelopes

Each month in the mail, you will receive a supply of personalized envelopes packet, which includes an envelope for each Sunday of the month and special collection envelopes.  Simply put your contribution in the envelope and drop it in the collection basket at Mass on Saturday or Sunday.  You can also mail your contribution to the parish office.  CLICK HERE to request weekly offertory envelopes.