Beautiful, compelling and inviting liturgical celebration served by music that is artful, honest and accessible.
Music ministry programs focused on the formation of the baptized in the "art of celebrating," the awakening of the Catholic imagination, and the transmission of faith from one generation to another.
Creating and sharing sacred musical art worthy of our best offering of praise, true to the faith handed down to us and credible to those outside our communion.


The mission of our parish music ministry is to cultivate through the musical arts an ever-deepening participation by all members of our parish community in the Church's worship, discipleship and cultural outreach.






Is the music ministry for you?
Our music ministry welcomes all members of the community who wish to share their musical talents. Children, high school students, adults, trained and untrained vocalists, and experienced instrumentalists are invited to join.

Don’t they already have all the members they need?
Not at all! Our music ministry needs you! Without volunteer ministers from this parish, our music ministry would not be possible.

What if I don’t read music or have any formal training?
Most of our choirs do not have professional musical training. This is attained through ongoing training under their director and experience.
I would love to sing in the choir but due to time restraints cannot commit the whole year. Are there opportunities to sing at Christmas and Easter? 
Yes! It will be announced in the bulletin when extra practices are scheduled (usually on Saturday mornings) and all are welcome to learn seasonal music and participate in this capacity.

How do I get started?
Contact  Maria Cristina, our music director, to get more information or to sign up. Click here