Dear Parishioner,

We welcome you to Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church. We hope you find warmth and hospitality here. As you browse through your welcome packet, you will become more familiar with what Holy Name of Jesus has to offer. As you become more acquainted with us, you may find an area in which to share time and talent with us. The success of our parish depends on the work and cooperation of all of us. Holy Name of Jesus is presently serving about 600 families. As a community, we would like to rejoice with you in times of joy and sympathize with you in times of sorrow. We would like to be your center of worship and we hope you will find it nourishing and enriching, both spiritually and emotionally.

We recognize that parish membership is a two-way street. The parish makes certain services available to us, such as Mass and the Sacraments, education in faith, and the like. In return, we, individual parishioners, take responsibility for the vibrancy of the community by participating in and supporting a wide variety of programs that serve our parish and those in our community who rely on us for help.

Our parish community is made up of very diverse demographic groups spanning all ages, races, and economic means. We, literally, have something here for everyone.
You don't need to register in the parish in order to attend Mass here – everyone is welcome. Our hope is that each person who chooses to register will find Holy Name to be a true home, and will embrace our goal of involvement through Time, Talent, and Treasure.

Once again, welcome to Holy Name of Jesus. We are happy that you chose to become a member of this Catholic community.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Charlie Brown

Mission Statement

Ordinary people involved in the extraordinary. We are a culturally diverse, engaging Catholic Community dedicated to Christ’s mission through worship, education, stewardship and outreach. Bridging city and suburb, we are disciples making a difference here on earth and in the life to come.